2019-20 Mini Grant Program

Mini-Grant Application

  • Thank you for your interest in applying for a mini-grant. The Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Fund’s mission is to promote dynamic educational programs, particularly in the areas of the development of effective teen relationships & violence prevention, the arts, and community service.

    Evaluation criteria: We consider impactful proposals from individuals and groups that support our mission. Overall, we look for two factors in proposals: potential capacity for dynamic impact and potential to showcase innovative and best practices in the field.

    At this time, only projects in Massachusetts will be funded; amount requested must not exceed $2,000. Preference will be given to new proposals.

    Application deadline is January 31, 2020. Decisions will be announced by March 1, 2020.

  • Upon occasion we may contact an applicant for discussion if the board has any questions about the proposal, either during our review or when the project is being carried out. 

    Please be aware that the projects we select for funding will be included in our publicity work.
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