Join us at the Video Premiere of Understanding and Preventing Relationship Violence, May 24






The interviewees represent a wide variety of ages, involvements, perspectives, and professions in related fields of inquiry and intervention. It is hoped that seeing, hearing and discussing their views will lead audiences to deeper insights into the causes of such pain and violence in relationships. We hope we can thus learn to take steps together to prevent such negative outcomes and promote more positive ones, including progress in human care and love, cultural development, and justice.


  • To build awareness of the matter of relationship and breakup violence
  • To promote discussion among many age groups of the matter, and to identify the numerous contributing causes of such violence
  • To help viewers grasp the root causes of such violence such as shame and the intense human drive for self value which then in the face of loss can provoke great pain, confusion, domination, and harm
  • To initiate creation of a variety of entry points and tools for prevention
  • To promote action and organization for prevention and the betterment of both youth culture and the larger societal culture

Please RSVP to [email protected]

Wayland High School Auditorium

05/24/23 7:30pm – 05/24/23 9:30pm US/Eastern

Join us for our video presentation.


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